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Conventionally making money online means using the internet together with desktop or laptop computers. Mobile Monopoly is all about making money from cell phones and the best of all is the fact that it's claimed any person already involved in the online money making industry already has most of what it takes to get started with making money with mobile technology. It is claimed to be a known fact that most people spent far more time on their mobile phones than sitting in front of a PC whilst still having accessibility to the Web, emails and text messages.

With Mobile Monopoly a person does not need a website (with the added advantage of not getting slapped or saturated), no time consuming keyword research and no SEO like article writing. In fact it is claimed that with millions of people already using mobile phones, far more than PC users, it is simply a matter of tapping into this market and become a mobile marketing expert in almost any niche thinkable. The system also taps into the advertising market that so many small businesses are reliant on in order to attract new customers.

Adam Hopwotz is the master mind behind Mobile Monopoly. Adam claims that a lot of online money making systems uses tricks that gurus use but with the drawback that these methods last for a very short time. According to Adam this is not the case with making money from cell phones. It was only when Adam realized that mobile marketing is not quite the same as regular affiliate marketing that Mobile Monopoly was developed because he tapped in on what people naturally and effortlessly do. Another aspect that this system touches on is the mobile software business that shows how it is possible to create an iPhone app in a very short time without any programming skills. The system claims to work on all phones and in any country and even if a person does not own a smart phone the system can be used using a PC with an internet connection just like conventional marketing.

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Interested in the online money making industry. Writes articles and reviews on the subject and products.

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