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Manifesting Abundance - What to Do While Waiting For the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Desires

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Does the wait for the Law of Attraction to bring your desires into fruition drive you completely crazy?

You make your intention of manifesting abundance known to the Universe and then you wait. The first few days are fine, but after that you start to get really anxious.

You start to look around every corner, and you start to hang on every single waking moment of the day, wondering when your desires are going to come in to fruition. Everywhere you turn, any event that happens, you are constantly on the lookout to see if this is actually the point the Universe is going to bring you your desires.

When you don't see your desires, you start to get more frustrated, which leads to anger, which leads to resentment, which leads to general mistrust and doubt that the Law of Attraction even works.

And you know what eventually happens?

You desire of manifesting abundance NEVER comes into fruition.

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom was baking a cake, and you were so excited to eat the cake, that you kept on opening the oven every five minutes to see if the cake was ready?

Your mom would yell at you to stop opening the oven so often because you were interfering with the baking process of the cake, She also told you to be patient and let the cake bake, and to go play with your toys and the she'll call when the cake was ready.

If you weren't too hardheaded, you went to play with your toys, and before you knew it, your mom was calling you to have some of the cake.

While you're waiting for the Universe to fulfill your desires of manifesting abundance, there's a right way, and a wrong way to behave while the process is unfolding.

The WRONG way, as you figured out, is to sit and wonder when and how your desires are going to manifest and why it's taking so long to manifest. The wrong way is to constantly look to see if your desires have come to fruition.

However, have you ever noticed those who have mastered the whole reality creation process which includes the Law of Attraction?

They don't just sit idly by waiting for things to fall on their lap, yet they don't frantically and blindly rush into action. They know the right time to take the right type of action and the right time to just sit and wait.

They know all this because they possess the RIGHT mindset to bring their desires into fruition.

Because they have the right mindset, they know EXACTLY how to wait for the Law of Attraction to bring their desires to them.

If you don't have the right mindset, the Law of Attraction will NEVER work for you, because you will sabotage it along the way.

The good news is, you too can learn the mindset that those who have mastered the Law of Attraction have adopted so you, instead of marveling at them, can join the club of people who are able to create magnificent realities for themselves.

Stop wasting time, and go RIGHT NOW to so you can learn the correct mindset needed for you to become successful at manifesting abundance in your life with the Law of Attraction and the other laws of reality creation. Learn how ALL the MASTERS of reality creation think.

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