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The First Step to Manifesting Money

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The first step to manifesting money is very simple. Before we can begin consciously manifesting money, we have to understand that we have already been manifesting money! We may not have manifested consciously, or manifested our dream income . . . but we have created every aspect of our financial circumstances so far.

It's easy to give our power over money away. It's tempting to blame the economy, the job market, the housing market and a million other circumstances that we have no control over. The first step to manifesting money is taking our power back with the understanding that, no matter what our financial situation right now, we have created it.

Manifesting money -- or manifesting anything else, for that matter -- is impossible unless we declare ourselves empowered to create our circumstances. Either we are the powerful creators of our own experience, or we are hapless victims to the world we live in. It's one or the other -- there's really no half-way. Manifesting money is very powerful, and very possible. But before we can access power, we have to understand that power is always accompanied by responsibility.

This first step to manifesting money can be daunting. We may look at our bank account and wonder why we would have ever manifested such lack for ourselves. Taking ownership does not mean judging ourselves. Once we own our situation, we can change it! That is, after all, what manifesting money is all about.

I always invite my clients to take inventory of their finances before they begin their journey into manifesting money. This can be scary, but to sit down with a piece of paper and write down assets and debts is highly empowering. Before we can create something different, we have to know our starting point. We are always manifesting money -- but now we want to make the process effective and conscious. The only starting point into power is always responsibility.

Andrea Hess is a money-manifesting expert and financial alchemist who helps her clients create the financial abundance they deserve! Visit her website to find out more about manifesting money in your own life.

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