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Why Would You Want To Be An Interpreter?

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There are so many job opportunities out there. Some try their luck in forex, others become employees and some venture into business? But why in the world do you want to be a medical interpreter? Let's face the reality here, people want cash for as little work as possible. Being an interpreter is no easy job. Moreover, it requires special talents and skills for you to be even considered for the job.

I have asked this question many times before and most in the medical interpreter profession gave similar answers. Here's what they have to say to me when I had my eyebrows twitching in anticipation for an answer.

They love languages and cultures It's true that people in the interpretation business must love languages (or at least have a deep appreciation of it). How can you even survive a day doing something you don't like? It's just important to find a job that suits your personality and more importantly your taste. Interpreting services must choose people that like languages and to a very important extent love to use them.

Another part of their answer is the love for different cultures. At first this was quite perplexing for me. What's with the culture angle? Then one explained to me the importance of understanding cultures so that one can interpret properly. As it turns out, a medical interpreter does not just translates words, they convey the meaning in a way that people can understand and appreciate.

Now that's passion for one's work, which underscores the fact that you must love what you do.

They learn a lot This was an equally perplexing answer for me. But it turned out it was logical and very practical. As a medical interpreter, one must be knowledgeable about medicine in both languages. Yes, terminologies, processes and procedures must be conveyed in different languages. As such, reading more and learning more about what you are interpreting is essential. So apart form the skill of interpreting, one must know what they are interpreting for others. Practical and logical!

The job pays With an average $38,000 a year, interpreting services can be a lucrative work. Just imagine doing what you already know -- speaking languages. Moreover, with the right health care institution, you can even double your pay. Of course you need to pass their qualifications and requirements.

They love to help There is a growing need for interpretations in the medical profession. Because of miscommunications some patients get diagnosed improperly, take the wrong medications or undergo unnecessary procedure. It worse cases, patients die. They do their share in providing excellent health care services.

Suffice to say, the interpreting services industry is one viable option for bi-lingua individuals.

Cel Santos works at Day Translations, Inc. -- Professional Translation Services, a global provider of translation solutions. Visit our website at and for Professional Interpretation Services go to

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