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PHPMyAdmin Repairs Corrupt MySql Tables

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MySql database is known for better security and more stability. But several reasons are that can corrupt or crashed MySql database tables. If you have such an issue then you are right place where your issue can switch off. Often unstable operating system where MySql is installed, foreign application that contains bugs, shutdown the system while table not saved, power failure, hardware issues, etc could crash or corrupt MySql database tables.

But now no need to panic and easily repair the corrupt/crashed MySql tables using phpMyAdmin. When you any MySql tables get corrupt or damaged or inaccessible, they can easily recover and restored using below given steps:

  • Login to phpMyAdmin
  • Select the corrupt or damaged MySql Database.
  • In next window, all the stored tables will be listed. And you make sure those tables you need to repair
  • After selecting the MySql database table(s), select "Repair Table" at the bottom of the window.

After clicking on "MySql Repair Table" the phpMyAdmin will automatically begin the repairing process. When the repairing process will over a success message pops-up. Now you can backup and restore in PC.


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