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NaTabanu Domaci Filmovi Bata Zivojinovic

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These days the famous Walter NaTabanu, alias Bata Zivojinovic, conquers the Chinese. Although his achievements in domestic has very little, his popularity in the most populous country continues unabated. In fact, by the end of summer, Bata will sign the contract and record more advertising for the Chinese market, where, as a foreign star, advertise beer, medicines, food products ...

As time passes we'll see you in the new TV series and movie "Second condition", directed by Dragana El?i? ...

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic NaTabanu: Yes, in these projects plays a grandfather in a family that gets twins. That will not be an alien because I have a private six-grandfather. Otherwise, I do not agree with your observation that I do not on TV because I recently had a role in the television series Dejan Zecevic "basketball". I just finished recording a new project and Zdravko Sotra "Ivkova glory," in which I explained the roll of officials.

Though long since you played in war films, the audiences have been and remain fearless partisan exterminating enemies. Even today, happy to watch your movies about wars ...

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic: It is a fact that I played in numerous films in which they should carry a gun. Last time I had a similar roll in the film "Pretty Village, Pretty Flame". However, hundreds of films, I have worked within the last decade, I was in about forty armed figure, but so far I do not understand why I was characterized as a partisan actor. I did not because I made a number of comedies, romantic, historical movies, in addition to ostrvarenja with a modern theme. Perhaps the reason lies in the truth that once on the small screen more films from the time revolved NOB, and present them to an older audience, but also those of the middle generation, better remembered. Me personally favorite comedies.

Bata Zivojinovic - Na Tabanu Filmovi
Would not you love movies where you have interpreted the Balkan lovers?

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic: Maybe not to believe, but I never liked to play lovers in the film, because I'm always in such creations was a disaster! I even mentioned that today fewer and fewer re-broadcast films about wars, and apparently some future generation will remember Batu Živojinovi?a only as a comedian.

Since this year marks five decades of successful film career, a bit surprised that you did not, almost all, played in the theater. Why?

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic Domaci Filmovi: Basically, I'm a film man. At that time I fled the theater, because there were great actors to spare. First I decided to go freelance, and I even formed an association of free film actors. Because of that decision I had never felt sorry when I began all over again, I would do the same again.

He won numerous acting and you recognition. Is there someone you wish for, and that you have not received it yet?

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic Serije NaTabanu: No, but to be honest, now, after fifty years, the awards and we don't mean anything. I was more comfortable when someone in the pub stop and welcome, especially if it happens outside, of our now reduced the country.

Bata Zivojinovic, the best serbian actor, actor in many films, example NaTabanu ), Valter Brani Sarajevo, NaTabanu domace serije etc.

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