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Pick 3 Strategy Wins Over Mega Millions

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Last night, February 26, 2010, on TV they had the Mega Millions drawing for $99,000,000. It certainly is a very enticing sum of money to win, especially if a person bought a $1Ticket with either their favorite numbers or a "quick pick" computer generated set of numbers. Even with the cash option after taxes it would still qualify as mega millions for most of us.

Did you have a Ticket for the Mega Millions. The winning numbers were: 4 - 14 - 29 - 54 - 56 and the mega ball was 40. This morning I found out nobody won the $99 million dollars. The new Mega Millions jackpot is estimated to be $112,000,000.

I don't know how many lottery players invested their money in this drawing. I don't even know if the Mega Millions Lottery keeps records to reveal such information. But I got to thinking, if there were 33 million lotto players who on average played $3 each, then the Jackpot would be paid for. And if there was one winner, then he or she would have to thank all remaining Mega Millions players for their contribution of $3.00.

But nobody won the jackpot. As a matter of fact, there were no winners for the last eight draws. This is how the Jackpot grows to be this high because of multiple drawings in a row without any winner. This adds up to a whole lot of mega millions losers.

The Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lotteries are some of the biggest sucker bets in America. Despite the fact lotto players are going up against astronomical odds against them at 175,000,000 to 1, Americans hang to that sliver of hope that one of them will be that one that brings home the loot.

Did you know that on average 98 percent of all Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lottery tickets played lose the jackpot the moment that second winning ball rolls down and is announced. The chances of becoming a complete loser increases with each new ball that rolls down and is announced thereafter. Less than 2 percent of all tickets played survive these first two drawn numbers.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of Pick 3 winners cashing winning tickets everyday. The Pick 3 Lottery Jackpot or Straight Win with its prize of $500 in most States is no more than a quick blip on the radar screen of lottery payouts compared to the $99,000,000 or $112,000,000.

The very same night of the un-won Mega Millions the Pick 3 results from the evening Pick 3 draws from the Florida Cash 3, Georgia Cash 3, Kentucky Pick 3, and Missouri Pick 3 Lotteries paid $754,490 to 6,171 to their faithful Pick 3 players. Over three quarters of a Million Dollars averages just over $120 per player.

This is just one Pick 3 Draw from four of the thirty-six States that offer a Pick 3 Lottery game. $120 is certainly 120 times better than zero, zilch or nada. Of course, many of the Pick 3 players WON 4 times this amount.

With the right Pick 3 System and Strategies, one can learn the strategies to re-invest the $120 and start playing the Pick 3 Lottery for FREE. At the same time, with a good Money Management Strategy, one can use some of the money to pay off bills and credit card debt.

This would be one advantage of playing the Pick 3 Lottery versus the Mega Millions, even with the smaller "Box" wins (the three digits in any order). The Box winnings for $1 produce a return of either $80 or $160. Do you really think you can beat the 175,000,000 to 1 chance of winning the Mega Millions? Isn't the 1,000 to 1 chance of winning the Pick 3 Lottery a more realistic possibility of becoming a Winner?

A revolutionary new Pick 3 System can help the player become that "Winner" with proven winning Strategies playing the Pick 3 Lottery. Combining back to back wins (straight and/or box) one can learn how to increase his/her investment level. Another bonus for the Pick 3 player is being able to play with "free money" from their Pick 3 winnings, not their own money.

The real choice lies with the lotto player and his/her desire to be a winner instead of a loser. By understanding the odds and realities of each lottery game, the player can make smart choices in order to receive the best return on his lottery investment.

FREE Ebook "Free Pick 3 Lottery Tips" plus additional FREE information on how to win the Pick 3 lottery at Pick 3 Strategy

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