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Saugeye - Learn some tips and info to help you catch more of them

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Saugeye were a fish created by interbreeding Sauger, with Walleye, and thus they resemble and have some traits of their parents. Saugeye live very good in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. One of the genetic conditions given to the Saugeye, is it is a very light sensitive fish, so it tends to stay in deeper water, darker channels and pools, near the bottom, it also likes to stay submerged under debris, like fallen trees, weed patches and other such cover.

The Saugeye is a very pleasant tasting fish, which makes it a nice prized catch to numerous anglers. Saugeye love eating just about any live fish that is smaller then it's self, so keep that in mind when fishing for them, as minnows, and other small live fish may do well to entice them. Other live bait that Saugeye enjoy for a meal is; crayfish, crickets and grasshoppers as well as worms and nightcrawlers.

When fishing for Saugeye, if you choose to use lures instead of live bait, use some deep diving spoons, plugs, crankbaits or other such lures, that can reach the depths where they are mostly found at, on very cloudy days, and at nighttime Saugeye come closer to the surface and closer to the shore line, so keep that tip in mind when fishing for them.

There is a website that describes Saugeye and numerous other fish caught throughout the USA. Learn about habitat, the best baits and lures, best time of day to fish for them, and much more great info, this website is called: Fishing Stringer - and it may be found at this url:

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