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Separated But Living Together - Legal Issues

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A friend of mine has been married for 8 years and has 2 young children. Her marriage is all but over and now they are talking divorce. Somehow they just drifted apart and even though they are still living together their relationship is more that of house mates.

My friend had a great job but gave it up so she could be a stay at home mom. This was decided when she was pregnant and with the threat of divorce looming she is worried as to how she is going to live an independent life with her kids. The other concern she shares with her husband is how it will affect their children. She was wondering if they could get divorced and continue to live together so that their kids would have both parents active in their day to day life.

Once you get divorced the rights you had in the marriage are greatly diminished. Any money that comes into the household is considered community money but if you are divorced you will have to rely on child support and alimony and that can be hard in today's economic climate.

By being separated while living in the same house you will not need permission to take the kids out as could be the case in a divorce (visitation rights) settlement and you can both come and go as you please. Once the courts get involved things can get very complicated.

If you are divorced and living together you are at the mercy of your husband if he suddenly decides he does not want to pay child support and alimony. You can get a court order but these things take time and meanwhile because you are not working your kids are going hungry. If you are still married he is responsible for paying the household bills and taking care of you and the kids.

While you live together it would be simpler not to get a divorce as you have so many more rights as his legal wife. If this works out for the both of you then you could look at getting a divorce a bit further on knowing that the trial run you gave it worked really well.

Times have sure changed when divorce lawyers see the validity in a couple being separated but sharing the same house. Many have reported that the couple involved found it easier to work out the final settlement because they were communicating well with each other. It would probably be a refreshing change from the classic messy divorce where the children are used as weapons in a fight till the end.

Finance or lack of it has played a significant role in the rise of separating couples living together. That precious and much sought after commodity we refer to as MONEY is proving a lot harder to obtain. A couple wanting a divorce, which can cost up to $20000.00 USD. may have few choices.

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