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Guidelines For Dealing With Severe ADHD

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No pills will be very effective with severe ADHD. If your child has severe ADHD, then it is highly likely that he is almost always unmanageable, disruptive, yells rather than talks and will be totally obnoxious and difficult at school. If there is an element of aggression in his behavior, then this may add to your problems. Hitting and disturbing people while shouting constantly can make life hell for many parents of these children.

At school, apart from having time with the ESE teacher, it is a good idea to talk to the class teacher. An important element is to establish just what type of behavior is causing the problems but if the teacher could make a note of when and why they seem to happen,that can be helpful for both parents and teacher. It could even emerge that the child is only getting attention from the teacher when the bad behavior is present - the child is ignored for the rest of the time.

This problem can be solved by showing the child a behavior chart and dividing it into ten minute blocks so that he see progress when he gets his stars for having done what is expected of him. The chart can include simple things like sitting still at certain times in the lessons, not hitting his peers and so on. He can be rewarded at the end of the day with extra playtime or whatever. Another good idea is to persuade the teacher to let him help her with simple tasks like fetching things or putting things away. Anything which keeps him moving will help reduce hyperactivity and there is even now some research that ADHD kids will perform a series of multiple tasks in rapid succession quite well. Their perception of time is quite different from ours. Similarly for bad behavior, he will have to face the consequences although the emphasis should always be on the good behavior, if possible.

At home parents need to set similar behavior goals of completion of tasks. There is no shouting or yelling and the child knows that you will refuse to talk to him until he talks to you calmly. Just ignore him for the rest of the time, if possible. The child gets fed up with being ignored all the time. This is just one of the techniques you can learn in ADHD behavior therapy. This behavior modification the only effective way to treat severe ADHD and the UK government now subsidises parents to attend these types of courses.

Unfortunately there are children who have already been diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of three! Experts tell us that it is impossible to diagnose ADHD before the age of five. Some of the guidelines above may help with severe ADHD but it is a fact that parents need help in setting the limits, imposing rewards and consequences and in dealing with temper tantrums. Medication may help to calm the child but the best option is to go for an ADHD homeopathic remedy. You can find out the secret to successful treatment of severe ADHD in the link below.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover how severe ADHD can be treated naturally.

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