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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words (and Dollars Too!)

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Consider this:

. . .A bookcase full of your lovingly produced information products, collecting dust in the garage

. . .A prospective client conversation where, once more, you get a polite thank you and hang up the phone in the uncomfortable certainty you'll never hear from that person again

. . .A sea of empty chairs where the smiling, eager faces of your workshop participants are supposed to be

Unfortunately, situations like these are all too common occurrences for many service-based, creative entrepreneurs. We pour our hearts into creating high quality offerings for our audience but don't get the resounding response we'd anticipated.

So our potential clients stay un-transformed. And our bank accounts stay unfulfilled

For most people, the huge missing piece of the puzzle is failing to paint a vivid picture of the bright, positive future that is possible when someone buys from you. Skip the details about the process (2 CDs, 3 sessions, 4 checklists) and zoom the viewfinder straight to the fantastic outcome.

To help you get the right focus, here's a simple 3-step sequence to follow:

1) Get super clear on the picture for yourself first

Don't be tempted to skip this step, thinking you're already clear. 9 out of 10 of my clients tell me they know exactly what the results are that they offer. But when I ask them to describe it for me, they're at a loss for words. Spend time creating this picture in your mind's eye -- then the words will flow.

2) Use powerfully descriptive language to create mental sights, sounds and feelings for your potential client to experience

Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending. And the most important part of any good story is the depth of description. Snow White didn't meet a man; she was swept off her feet by a knight in white, shining armor.

3) Make sure your client is the star of the movie

Leave no doubt in your prospective client's mind that this lovely and spellbinding future you're painting is theirs. Use the words "you" and "your" to make sure they see themselves in this picture.

I've got some good news for you here. This is the time when your latent flair for the dramatic can rise the surface and shine! It's not enough to just tell them that they'll see, hear and feel nice things when using your product or service. You have to make it a colorful, attention-grabbing experience.

Here's a comparative example to illustrate what I mean:

Accurate but unexciting: At my 2 Day Ethical Sales Intensive, you'll learn skills that will make selling your products and programs much easier.

Dramatic and persuasive: Imagine how you'll feel when you leave my 2 Day Ethical Sales Intensive knowing you've got a concrete, easy-to-implement system for turning prospective clients into happy, excited, eager-to-buy clients. No more throwing time and money out the window developing ebooks, teleseminars, information products, training programs and workshops that don't sell. All entrepreneurs who become successful have a comprehensive and repeatable selling system that's in alignment with their most important values. You're on your way!

Use this 3-step sequence to let prospective clients experience the benefits of your offer in their mind first. Then they'll be eager to get the real thing!

Helen Graves, Grand Poohbah of Crackerjack Online Marketing Strategy, offers practical online sales and product marketing tips to create long-lasting client connections. She can be reached via Sign up for her free special report on product launch strategy, “How to Create Desire So Your Products and Programs Sell Like Hotcakes,” at

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