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50 of my Favorite Wordpress Plugins

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One of the most powerful aspects of Wordpress is the plugin capabilities. However, since there are literally thousands upon thousands of plugins available, it can also be incredibly overwhelming.

Here are 50 fantastic plugins that I personally recommend you consider using on your own Wordpress blog:


1) Jetpack -

Adds cloud power to your self-hosted Wordpress blog.

2) Server Buddy -

Tests server configuration and hosting issues. It also tests compatibility with Wordpress themes and plugins.

3) WordPress Backup --

Backs up your theme, plugins and images.

4) WP-DB Manager --

Gives you more control over your WordPress database backups.


5) Awesome Ads --

Integrate Google Adsense into your blog.

6) Chitika Premium Ads --

Integrate Chitika premium ads into your WordPress blog.

7) WP125 -

Manages your 125×125 block advertisements.


8) Akismet --

Protects your blog from comment and trackback spam.

9) CubePoints -

Allows you to award points for each comment posted by visitors.

10) Disqus Comment System --

An advanced comment system that provides a simple way for your visitors to comment and engage on your blog.

11) Keyword Luv --

Adds an extra field to your comments where people can enter their website URL.

12) Liz Comment Count --

Displays a comment count on your blog.

13) Show Top Commentators --

Allows you to display your top commentators automatically.

14) Subscribe to Comments --

Allows readers to receive e-mail notifications to follow-up comments.


15) WP-Ecommerce --

Allows you to provide an online store on your Wordpress blog.

16) Affiliate Program --

Provides a way to create an affiliate program through your blog.


17) BuddyPress --

Create an extensive social network on your WordPress blog.

18) WP Forum --

Integrate a forum into your WordPress blog.

19) Thank Me Later --

Send an email to thank visitors for leaving a comment on your blog.

20) WP Greet Box --

Create a custom greeting based on the referral url of your website visitor. It also includes support for RSS, Delicious, Digg, Twitter, Facebook and many more.


21) Best Posts Summary --

Automatically generates a daily, weekly, or monthly review post. Includes both post titles and brief descriptions.

22) In Series --

Allows you to easily group a series of posts into a series.

23) No Self Ping --

Prevents your blog from sending pingbacks internally to your other posts.

24) Popularity Contest --

Monitors your website traffic and gives you reports on your popular posts. Plugin is fully customizable allowing you to set the values used to calculate your posts popularity.

25) Related Posts --

Uses keywords in your post URL's to display a designated number of related posts.

26) Related Posts by Category --

Uses category to locate and display related posts.

27) WP-Super Cache --

Creates a cache of your posts to avoid server load.


28) All-in-One SEO Pack --

The Ultimate SEO WordPress plugin. Allows you to set your homepage meta information and automatically generate custom meta information for your individual posts.

29) Google XML Sitemap -

Creates an XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap supported by, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

30) Mobile Press --

Optimizes your Wordpress blog for mobile phone viewing.

31) Permalink Redirect --

Creates a 301 Redirect to avoid duplicate content penalties with search engines.

32) SEO Smart Links --

Also great for SEO, this plugin helps engage your users by linking keywords within your site.

33) SEO Slugs --

This plug-in removes all the unnecessary words from post titles. This makes post titles more search engine friendly!

34) Simple Breadcrumbs for Wordpress --

Allows you to provide your readers with additional blog navigation.

35) WP-Page Navi --

This widget adds navigation from one page to the other so visitors can easily view your numerous blog posts you've worked so hard on.


36) Tweetmeme -

Allows your visitors to easily retweet your blog posts.

37) Sociable -

One of the most popular social sharing plug-ins that supports the majority of social networks.

38) Add to Any --

Allows your visitors to share your content to a variety of networks quickly and easily.

39) WP-Email --

Add an "Email This!" button to your WordPress blog.

40) LifeStream --

Enables you to stream content from your social platforms across the social waves to your website by leveraging RSS feeds.

41) LinkedIn Share Button --

Allows your visitors to share content on LinkedIn.

42) Facebook Live Stream --

Provides live streaming from your Facebook fan page.

43) Facebook Like Box -

Allows visitors to "like" your Facebook fan page In addition, it displays photos of your fans, number of fans and recent Facebook activity.

44) Sexy Bookmarks

Allow your visitors to share your content with striking buttons that you place in your blog.

45) TwitterCounter --

A cute button that you place as a widget to display your number of Twitter followers.


46) Better Tags Manager --

Allows you to better manage your tags, as well as convert your categories to tags.

47) Recommended Tags --

Looks at your post's content and recommends tags. Includes additional features.


48) All-in-One Video Pack --

Upload, record, import and edit videos directly in your blog posts.

49) Dynamic Headers -

Display unique headers for each page of your blog.

50) MP3 Player --

Embed MP3 audios on your blog.

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