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Solar Water Heater Plans - Find Out What The Best Ones Are

by Bryan Hufford
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There really are no top solar water heater plans, as they all encompass their good qualities as well as their bad; however, one of the simplest and most efficient plan that I have came across was the Khanh solar water heater. This was a "make it yourself" item which appeared in the Mother Earth Magazine during June of 1977.

The unit basically was a used 66 gallon hot water tank, which had been coated with stovepipe flat black paint. An inventor named Dinh Khanh designed and built the unit for only $180 dollars. This particular sun powered water heater was about as effortless to construct as you will ever find.

The water tank was enclosed within an insulated framework which was sheltered on the top with a section of Plexiglas. When Khanh bolstered his solar collector adjacent to a southern facing wall, he was able to preheat his water to a tepid 100 degrees. The cost savings to him was substantial and reached as much as 50 percent of his total hot water bill.

Dinh claims that anyone can fabricate their own water heater by adhering to his detailed plans. He does however emphasize that when erecting the heater, you must observe all angels very carefully.

At a weight of 400 pounds, you would most likely be better to install the unit on the ground, as opposed to heisting it up on your roof. That is a lot of weight to rest on a roof. If you insist upon putting the water heater up there, you would do well to plan the installation very well.

In the event that you would like to undertake a project of this nature and construct this little wonder, you can research the back issues of the Mother Earth News for further construction details.

Now, if you're looking to build your own solar water heater, you need to visit Solar Water Heater Plans now to learn more!

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