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Trap Line - What Is It And What Are The Advantages To Using It?

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Do you get tired of all the unavailable and blocked calls you receive? If you do, then you need to know about trap line. What in the world is that, you ask? It is a way that you can unblock all of the unavailable numbers and blocked numbers. Plus, it will also provide you with instant email notification to let you know that someone has called. Telephone trap line will help you stop all of those unwanted calls and it will help you with many other things also.

When you have trap line you will be given an advantage over the person calling because they won't know that you have a way to see their number, no matter what they do to try and hide it. There are times that the telephone trap line will come in handy for dangerous situations.

One such situation could be if you have a stalker and they keep calling you. With trap line, you will be able to get the number that they keep calling you from and this will help the police catch the person doing it. It will give them a good place to start to find your stalker. You never know when or if something dangerous is going to happen. So, having a way to find out who is calling you is a smart move towards protecting yourself.

People have even used the telephone trap line to find out about the "other person" in their spouses affair. Another way that you can use the trap line is for your children's friends, girlfriends or boyfriends. There are definitely many advantages to having this telephone number revealer. It is important for you to know that you can't get this product through any phone company. Instead, you will need to find it online in order to start using the trap line.

The telephone trap line uses what is known as (ANI) or Automatic Number Identification, which is what the technology that 911 dispatchers use on a daily basis to identify calls that are coming in. When you have the trap line, you will have a way to get the name and even the address of the person calling you, even if the telephone number is unlisted, if they use a caller ID block. Plus, it will even identify the number of a person that dialed *67.

Having a trap line just makes a lot of sense because you get phone calls every day that don't provide any information for you. You don't want to answer the phone when you get these calls because they are usually an annoyance. So, do yourself a favor and use the telephone trap line to your advantage to identify anyone that calls you.

Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is considered an expert in telephone harassment investigations. If you need a trap line service with (ANI)Automatic Number Identification visit

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