"What Does "Holistic" Mean?"
by Holli Bee
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What does "Holistic" Mean?

"Holistic" means dealing with wholes and complete systems rather than with parts. As far as your health is concerned, it means that all parts of your self (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) need to be attended to or balanced in order to cure any health problem that may arise.

For example, you may experience a physical symptom (a pain, headache, sore throat, cold, fatigue, weight gain, etc.), and you immediately do something to remedy that physical symptom (take medication, take a nap, go on a diet, etc.). The symptom may disappear, and you think you're "cured". Most people stop there and think no more about it until the same symptom or another, worse, symptom appears. Then, more meds are used to alleviate that symptom and so on and so forth. One endless cycle begins and continues until the symptoms make it necessary to seek professional help or you're lucky enough to come across friends like us. In Western cultures, the former usually results in even more, stronger meds, surgery or some other method used to get rid of the physical symptom. And the cycle continues...only on a much larger and more expensive scale. By the time most people and medical professionals wonder what's causing the symptom in the first place, an even bigger problem is discovered, sometimes with dire circumstances.

You see, merely treating the symptom may temporarily relieve the pain and discomfort brought about by the symptom, but it doesn't address the cause of the symptom. And the symptom, no matter, how uncomfortable it may be, is actually a good thing. It's your body's way of telling you that something's amiss. You are out of balance. We're not saying that you shouldn't treat the symptom. But, you can't ignore the rest of yourself - your mind, emotions and soul. When everything's in balance, you won't believe how good you feel...and how quickly any physical ailments you have disappear.

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