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Why Do Married Men Look at Other Women? Because They Are There

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Hard as it is to admit, men's DNA has given them the "right to be promiscuous." It's as if they were given the license to play around the minute of their conception. Which is why when they enter into a relationship that eventually fails because they still flirt with other women, the only reason is: "I'm a man. Learn to deal with it." Even though society may not approve, people understand. Even when they have wives, men can't help it. And yet, so many women still ask "Why do men look at other women?"

"A few good men" -- it seems we are always looking for "a few good men." Indeed, there are a few good men. Some women are lucky enough to have loyal and honest partners, partners who define commitment. For them the important term is "good." But then again, there is that other adjective: "few".

Men look the other way is primarily because they are unsatisfied. Their satisfaction doesn't come from being monogamous. The hard truth? What completes them more is the status of having the latest SUV or a fat bank account, and frequent club time with, yes, other women. He sees someone across the cafe and pursues her relentlessly. What follows is not commitment, but another badge on his sash.

Men are like wolves, hungry at all times, always on the lookout for something to satisfy them. They may be eating a buffalo, but every now and then when an antler comes their way, some men wouldn't have second thoughts.

Another reason to justify why married men look at other women is the physical aspect. Visual stimulation is very powerful for a man. A sexy, hot bartender is the ultimate visual feast. Defying it would be extremely hard for them. Resistance would be as good as lying comatose. The image will never leave a man's thought even after he comes home to his wife who has become unappealing to his eyes -- perhaps due to the bags under her eyes because of sleepless nights from caring for their children, or the love handles that developed because of too much cheesecake and Frappuccinos.

And then there are those women who think that it is their fault. It is not. So do not carry the burden of believing that you are the reason. As a married woman, it's not your fault if your husband keeps his eyes on others. While there may be obvious reasons why they would look, it is actually their choice to give in to the temptation or not. The chain of events that takes place after that crucial one look is solely the man's choice -- done at free will and not because of the wife's failed attempt at liposuction. Window shopping is one thing. Stopping to buy is another.

Women are the signals, but it is a man's choice whether to heed the call. Why do married men look at other women? Men look at other women because there ARE OTHER WOMEN. It doesn't matter if their fourth finger is cuffed with something in platinum. As long as there are women to see, and as long as men have functioning eyes, they will keep on looking.

To define commitment for men and get answers to "Why do men look at other women?" visit our site The TWMW team is led by Thomas Christopher, a Colorado public speaker.

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